GÎtes Saint Roman
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Rainy day experience

No breaks during the vacations, even on a rainy day…
Time to take advantage of sheltered sites. But that’s no reason to ignore them on sunny days….

Center Minier de Faymoreau near the gîtes

100% mine travel

How about a trip to the Faymoreau Mining Center?
Become a miner, pass through the hanging room and the lamp room before the surprising descent into the reconstructed mine. A close-up look at the lives of the “gueules noires” who worked here from the early 19th century until 1958.
Stroll through the narrow streets of the corons, admire the stained glass windows in the miners’ chapel…
There are games for children, and the Centre Minier store will give you ideas for original gifts.

100% seas and oceans

Head for La Rochelle Aquarium (40 km).
In 3 million liters of seawater, from fragile plankton to fascinating sharks, experience a unique journey to Dream and Understand the Sea.
Admire the ballet of jellyfish, travel to the Tropics, contemplate the power of nature through sharks and giant tortoises, discover distant treasures and learn about the preservation of biodiversity…

  La Rochelle Aquarium
Château de Terre Neuve in Fontenay le Comte

100% time travel

Nearby, in Fontenay le Comte, is the Château de Terre Neuve, a jewel of the Renaissance.
It can be visited with a guide who will show you its treasures and immerse you in the lives of the many famous people who have lived there. For younger children, a small games guide will be provided.
The museum and park are open to the public. Len children can take part in a treasure hunt and discover “Octave’s Adventure” in the castle forest.

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